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Dicenia Pmichel

a month ago
I am in awe, such a phenomenal experience. The energy of this office is a glimps of what I amagine heaven would be... no exaggeration! I suffer from anxiety and really don't respond well to physical touch nevertheless, the professionalism of the staff and display of genuine care for me left me feeling hopeful. I am truly empresses! I am proud to say i have found a place of equanimity!

Andrew Boss

a month ago
Oftentimes, chiropractic care is considered controversial. Not in this practice. Dr. Cohen and his staff are terrific. They use a combination of electrical stimulation, cyrotherapy, and thermotherapy, focusing on the muscles surrounding the bones. Afterwards, there is a final adjustment, to where I am oftentimes feeling much better walking out of the office than walking in. The staff are very friendly. Includes massages. Recommend.

Anita Anderson

3 months ago
If I didn't come at least once a month, when I did come in I was like an old battleship straight from war and Dr. Cohen and the team had to get the old battleship repaired and send me back out. NOW I have them just schedule me and once a month. So this ship stays in ship shape. :-) Thanks Dr. Cohen and your team! !!!

Mary Saja
I am no stranger to Chiropractic, but it had been a good 5 years since I had seen one, and I was searching again when a friend told me about this office. I've been going about 2 months now, and already seeing lots of results. I started going because I was experiencing the worst headaches of my life this year, and I had also started having some chronic sciatic-region pain, travelling down my leg. Since working with Dr. Cohen's awesome staff, I am happy to report that my physical pain has subsided, and my asthma and sinus condition have also improved greatly!! The office is very professional and service is streamlined so that I can get in and out for treatment during the workday, and miss a minimal amount of work. Plus they take my insurance and worked with me to figure out the best treatment plan for my scoliosis and disc compression. I am one super satisfied customer!! If you're looking for a chiropractor, I highly recommend Cohen Chiropractic on Oakland Park Blvd.

Teresa Carpenter

a year ago
Dr. Cohen is an amazing Chiropractor. He not only analyzes your bone structure to find the best method of treatment, he also advises you nutritionally to make your treatment even more effective. He employs an awesome staff, from the front desk to the chiropractic assistants that facilitate part of your therapy. The office is very clean and organized. I would recommend his office to anyone who seeks chiropractic advice.


My husband and I are (and have been for a bit!) patients of Dr. Cohen and newly arrived Dr. Morgan; both are fantastic practitioners. Besides the cool therapy provided in this office, they both are excellent patient educators and really take the time to effectively communicate with you during each and every visit-- very patient-centered and I value this the most. I currently am being treated for lower back pain (related to heavy lifting and intense physical activity). Though 100% relief is not immediate with these types of ailments, I am seeing progress with therapy and at-home treatment.

The ancillary staff are also awesome! Dana and Ashley at the front are very helpful and friendly, and the therapists (Maria, EJ and Edgar) are super! If you are just looking for a massage and not chiropractic care, you're in for a treat; they all are very, very good-- but I have to say that EJ is massage-messiah!

If you're looking for Chiro-care, definitely make an appt. and spend some time with Dr. Cohen or Dr. Morgan, and their staff!


5 star


This was my very first experience visiting the office of Dr. Cohen (Chiropractic services) , and I was blown away by the complete care and service.
I took a chance based on the positive reviews and sure enough , this office lived up to its reviews.
The office is equipped with updated machines as well as a decompression table which I absolutely loved.
Dr Cohen is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.
I even received a call back by the Dr later in the day. Who does that??
I highly recommend this office.

Billy M.

5 star


By far the most comprehensive and professional Chiropractic staff I have ever experienced. Dr. Cohen is very knowledgeable and sits down to work out the proper course of action for your individual concern so that you get the best results possible. This entire practice is modern and professional and KOND! Maria has magic hands and a personality that is reassuring and upbeat. THIS IS THE BEST HANDS DOWN!

Brittany P.

5 star


I recently moved to the area and needed to find a new chiropractor to continue my therapy I was receiving back home. I picked Dr. Cohen based on the reviews, and I wasn't disappointed. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly, and Dr. Cohen honestly cares for you as an individual and patient. I even received a call shortly after my first visit from him personally to check up on every and see how I was feeling after visit one. He listens to you and addresses your needs precisely. Ive been to three different chiropractors prior to Dr. Cohen, and I can honestly say the therapies he provides (especially the combo machine) have got my neck/back in the best shape and I'm in the least pain that I've experienced in over a year.