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Health Conditions

Welcome to the Health Conditions section of the chiropractic clinic of Cohen Chiropractic & Wellness website.

Conditions we treat in the office:

At Cohen Chiropractic and Wellness we offer a multitude of therapies in conjunction with the chiropractic adjustment. These can include acupuncture, massage, decompression traction, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, graston technique, taping, exercise rehab, nutritional supplements and dietary recommendations. Ultimately, the goal is to get rid of your pain and keep it away so you can get back to your regular activities and feel your best.

Here is a list of the conditions we treat:
• Lower Back pain
• Neck pain
• Headaches
• Migraine headaches
• Sciatica
• Sacral iliac Pain
• Arthritis
• Numbness
• Shoulder pain (rotator cuff, tendinitis, tendinosis, bursitis, frozen shoulder)
• Elbow pain (tennis elbow, golfers elbow)
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Hand pain
• Wrist pain
• Hip pain
• Knee pain
• Heel Spurs (plantar fasciitis)
• Foot Pain
• Sinus pain
• Weight Loss
• Postural Correction via five-point traction

Nutritional Recommendations to help you with dry skin, aging skin, irritability, improve immune system, acid reflux, sleeping difficulties, blood sugar imbalances, prediabetes, fatigue, difficulty losing weight, fibromyalgia, food allergies, bloating, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, anemia , proper necessary supplements to take when you are on a cholesterol lowering drug and or antacids.