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The Office of Cohen Chiropractic & Wellness

Insurance Accepted and Payment Plans Available

We gladly accept most health insurance plans. Individuals in need of our services who lack insurance and who are worried about the high costs charged by many other clinics - don't worry! We can offer you highly-affordable rates and flexible payment plans. Now you and your family can have access to the highest-quality care and attention.


Our Fort Lauderdale Chiropractic staff are friendly, professional staff does everything to create a personalized experience for your office visits. We find that after only a few visits, our patients often say that they begin to feel like "part of the family".

We respect you and your time! So we do not engage in the standard overbooking practices found in many physicians' offices these days. Appointment management and our 7 treatment stations minimize patient wait time and expedite your care. All of our treatment stations, including our massage chairs in the reception area, are equipped with state-of-the-art interactive health and wellness screens for your education and enjoyment.

Consultation and Examination

During the initial consultation and examination with Chiropractor Dr. Cohen, he will collect information on your current condition or complaint, past personal and family health history, lifestyle, activities and diet. Upon preliminary review, Dr. Cohen will perform a comprehensive orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic exam. If necessary, on-site X-rays may be taken to diagnose and track your situation and/or progress. If MRIs or laboratory work are needed for further diagnosis, Dr. Cohen will refer you to local laboratory in the area.

Report of Findings

Upon review and assessment of the information collected during your initial consultation and examination, Dr. Cohen will schedule a follow-up appointment to review his findings and recommendations and discuss your future treatment options.

Temporary Office Hours
Due to COVID-19

Monday: 8:30am-12pm & 2:30pm-6pm
Tuesday: 8:30am - 12:30pm
Wednesday: 8:30am-12pm & 2:30pm-6pm
Thursday: CLOSED
Friday: 8:30am-12pm & 2:30pm-6pm